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Coffee Cupping

Over time, the industry of coffee has substantially grown to give way to a lot more roasters, retailers, as well as new coffee shops.

When enjoying your coffee, cupping lets you analyze and test all the components that go into roasting your favorite coffee. Whether you are newbie or an expert in anything coffee, this is a stunning technique to make use of to delve further into what makes your cup of Joe sensational.

Coffee cupping is usually done by professionals as well as amateurs to understand further the quality of the coffee roast and in order to compare it to other types of roast. When this is correctly done, it could turn out to be exciting, fun, and actually very easy! Coffee cupping usually involves visual inspection of the brew, as well as smelling, sipping, savoring, and even spitting. These are all involved in the process similar to taste testing other beverages like wine. This technique will involve the study of the sensory science and learning skills on describing the aroma and flavors of each cup in the process in a better way.

Cupping is a genuine way of evaluating the components that make up a coffee roast. Such components include body, fragrance, aroma, acidity, sweetness, aftertaste, cleanliness, as well as uniformity.

This specific technique actually gives us the chance as coffee drinkers to appreciate further as well as understand every coffee roast. In this particular process, the coffee is not filtered and by no means adulterated. This way, there will be no defects in the process of identification. Before deciding to buy any coffee, cupping can be a very useful way of assessing the flavor profile and quality of each distinct roast that will be laid in front of you. You can use this as the first step in quality control as well as product development when introducing a new brand of coffee to the market.


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