The Green Coffee Bean Hype

Green bean contains high level of Chlorogenic acid, a substance popular for weight loss. Once this chemical goes into the body, it compels your body to consume fat, and it speeds up metabolism.


  • It speeds up the metabolism and compels the body to start consuming fat, hence the fast weight loss.
  • It can supposedly regulate the levels of blood sugar in the body.
  • It perks you up and gives you energy as it burns body fat.
  • You no longer have to starve yourself when you’re on a diet.


  • You need at least 800mg of pure extract. Thus, you have to drink massive amounts of such coffee.
  • You cannot drink pure raw green beans.
  • It is only available in tables, capsules and pills.
  • Not good for pregnant women.

Those are just a few of the pros and cons of green coffee bean extract. It is said to be really effective; it was even featured on some television talk shows. A lot of people who are looking to shed some unwanted pounds have been raving about this product. Coffee lovers, nope, it’s not the cup of Joe that you drink in the morning, but I know this got your curiosity.

A Healthy diet plan along with exercise is always one’s best bet when it comes to losing weight and having that body you’ve been dying to have. However, with modern age and all its complexities come new innovative products, so we can never really avoid this kind of “quick fix”.

I’m not recommending it, nor am I telling you to avoid it. You be the judge. Tell me, are you willing to try this? Is it a yay or nay?