The Right Temperature For Your Cup of Joe

Coffee always comes with a kick in the morning or a very efficient pick-me-upper during times you need it most. However, many coffee drinkers yearn for its taste and flavor, so you must not take for granted the proper way to prepare your cup, the temperature being one of the most important element. How can the temperature impact the flavor of your coffee? Read on.

First and foremost, coffee is best served at temperatures of 70°C to 80°C or 155°F to 175°F. Many coffee drinkers would choose higher temperatures. It’s actually way higher than the ideal temperature of coffee. Myriads of coffee shops even suggest to those who frequent them to have their coffee at 180°F to 190°F. Many coffee lovers are complaining because of their coffee being too hot.

To cut the story short, among the main reasons why you need to change your game plan when it comes to coffee drinking is that your coffee is served at too high temperature. Therefore, the coffee oils evaporate faster so the coffee tends to lose its flavor quality,, too. These essential oils, truth be told, give your coffee the flavor and aroma most people are rooting for. It’s practically suggested to have your cup of coffee at 175°F so you can get the best out of your coffee.

If your coffee beans have outstanding quality, don’t go around wasting it by serving it in a non-ideal temperature. The temperature greatly affects the coffee you drink. Those who don’t reside in America believe that American coffee temperature range is a little too low for their taste as they usually want their coffee way hotter.

Nevertheless, your coffee should not be too cold, as well. By seeing to it that your coffee is at the right temperature, the quality of the coffee beans used will not be messed up.

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