Two Types Of Gourmet Coffee

If you have an immense love of gourmet coffee, it doesn’t only give you a pleasurable experience every time you drink it, it goes beyond that. It can become your passion and a delectable indulgence. A lot of people’s reason for getting up early in the morning is to have an aromatic and delicious cup of Joe. However, a lot of options are available in the market today that makes it hard for us to choose which one to opt for.

It should all boil down to the flavor. Whether it be a straight dark roast or a subtly sweet coffee, the flavor should contain a nice balance to it. The coffee industry continually comes up with a lot of innovations with coffee to tweak the fancy of many coffee drinkers these days.

A lot of coffee fanatics who like their coffee robustly pure go for Arabica bean. It has a bold and distinctive taste flavor to it that possesses a sensible balance between smokiness and caramelized flavors. It provides a strong dark coffee brew which a lot of coffee lovers root for.

For those who don’t want to fully commit to Arabica coffee beans, there will always be an alternative. That would be Robusta. Robusta coffee beans generally possess a much stronger caffeine kick and it always has its special spot in the market.

Robusta contains twice as much caffeine as the Arabica bean. It is a good companion during times when you the extra dose of vigor. It is very intense and gives a good jumpstart in the morning and when you need a good pick-me-upper.

If I were to ask you, what would you go for? Are you leaning towards the flavor of Arabica coffee beans or do your prefer the kick that Robusta gives? However, if you really love coffee then don’t opt for just a single type of coffee bean. Play the field and never bore yourself when it comes to coffee drinking.

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