The What, Where and Why of Gourmet Coffee

Nowadays, coffee drinkers all over the world have become more sophisticated in their taste. This is apparent in the steady following that gourmet coffee has gradually gained in recent years. People are starting to appreciate the high quality and taste of these special coffee mixes. Here is an overview of what all the gourmet coffee craze is about.


Gourmet basically means fine food or drink. These substances have been judged by experts in the field, and have been found to be exceptional compared to most. Gourmet coffee, in particular, is coffee with a unique flavor. Coffee beans used to create gourmet coffee typically come from selected places in the world. These places typically have the best elevation and climates for growing coffee, and have rich soil and special cultivation practices, allowing the production of coffee beans with distinct flavor. Various flavors, such as mint or vanilla, are then added to further enrich the taste and the aroma of the blend.

Although gourmet coffee usually denotes the finished product itself, the term gourmet coffee actually refers to the entire specialized process of manufacturing the finished product. This includes the selection of the beans, the roasting, the addition of flavors, until the final product is formed.


There are numerous kinds of gourmet coffee available in the market. They are made in different flavors, including almond, French vanilla, amaretto, Swiss mocha, chocolate, vanilla, and mint, just to name the more common ones. Some gourmet coffees are caffeinated, while others are decaffeinated.


Gourmet coffee is readily available from your local grocery store and cafe. However, the best place to find gourmet coffee is a coffee roaster, where you can literally choose from hundreds of different coffee blends and mixes. If you’re too busy to check out these local coffee stores, you can also opt to buy gourmet coffee online. There are a load of gourmet coffee websites that sell various kinds of gourmet coffee. The best part is they will deliver your order straight to your doorstep!

In general, gourmet coffee costs more than regular coffee. The price can range from around $50 to over $100. Remember, good quality is something you have to pay for!

When choosing a gourmet coffee blend, sample different types of roasts and flavors. Don’t forget to smell the coffee, as fresh gourmet coffee always has a tempting aroma. Allow the merchant to grind the gourmet coffee for you. Finally, match the coffee to the specific brewing method recommended to fully enjoy the distinctive flavor of your gourmet coffee.

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