Tony Serrano Interview – The Serrano Social Club In Modesto, California

A special Modesto News .org interview with downtown Modesto business owner, Tony Serrano. Tony Serrano spiced up downtown Modesto’s coffee culture when he opened The Serrano Social Club on J St. in the iconic location which has been known for decades to house the best coffee houses in town.

“Downtown Modesto is abuzz with the recent opening of this cafĂ© from coffee king and Barefoot Coffee alum, Tony Serrano. Basically an “as-you- call-it” coffee bar, customers can choose single- origin beans from Barefoot, Olympia Coffee and other guest roasters to be brewed by espresso, pour-over or press pot. Opt for an espresso drink from the creative coffee menu and be wowed by the 30-year-old custom-redesigned La Marzocco machine that gives the Club’s expert baristas full control over water, time and pressure. The resulting cup is brewed specifically for the variety and roast of each coffee, not to mention sublimely delicious.” – Imbibe Magazine

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