Top 5 Ways to Liven Up Your Coffee at Work

Article by Jenn Weesies

Some employees use coffee in the workplace to give them a jump start first thing in the morning. Some use coffee to get them through the afternoon slump. Others use it as a break from their job, and others still, to tackle the mounting work on their desks.

In most workplaces low quality break-room coffee leaves a lot to be desired. Through supplying employees with a few key tools, ingredients, and gourmet coffee blends, livening up the coffee at work is easy. Here are five simple suggestions:

1. Spice up the coffee condiments!

Why not add flavored creamers, natural sugars, spices, flavored syrups, whipped cream and other exciting options to your stock of coffee condiments? Employees will appreciate the selection and enjoy the unusual work coffee condiments. This is an easy and sure way to liven up your coffee at work.

2. Improve your coffee brewing equipment.

The machine you use to brew your coffee in is half the battle. Local office coffee services will provide you with professional equipment free in return for buying your coffee from them and paying a premium for supplies.

A more cost effective option is to go online, purchase quality equipment yourself, and buy the supplies from an online cheaper coffee provider. Typically your coffee supplies will be about 20% cheaper compared to those provided to you by an office coffee service. Some online suppliers ship the same day the order is received, and delivery is usually free if you order or more. Typically is 4 weeks of coffee for an office of 15 to 25 employees. You will also be able to reduce your company’s liability risk by not sending employees off-site in their personal vehicles to pick up the coffee. The coffee is delivered right to your office in pre-measured packages! Save yourself the time, liability and money by ordering online from a cheaper coffee supplier.

3. Use a personalized mug.

Eliminate boring and environmentally unfriendly Styrofoam cups. Treating employees to their own personalized mugs not only makes their individual cup of coffee unique, but also eco-friendly. These make great appreciation gifts and can help you save money on break-room supplies in the long run.

4. Keep a variety of gourmet coffee blends in stock.

Stocking your break-room with a variety of gourmet coffee blends offers all employees a better quality coffee every day. Gourmet coffee blends and other national brands ordered in pre-measured packages through online cheaper coffee suppliers can score you high quality coffee at a low price. For employees, just knowing that their employer cares enough about them to stock multiple types of quality coffee will dramatically improve their mood at work. Most importantly, a wide variety of gourmet coffee blends stocked in your break-room can liven up your coffee-work situation.

5. Take coffee requests from all employees.

Let one employee each month make a special coffee request. It may be a full-bodied gourmet roast from a specific coffee shop or a specialty flavored gourmet coffee blend like vanilla creme or hazelnut. Your employees will feel appreciated when they have a say and will be excited to have something to look forward to as their month to pick coffee comes along. And surprisingly, you can usually order an entire pot of gourmet coffee from a cheaper coffee online supplier for what just 1 cup would cost you after you stand in line.

Whatever you do to liven up your coffee at work be sure it is easy, time-effective and budget friendly. There is no need to turn your break-room into a gourmet coffee shop, but offering more variety and options can really liven up the coffee at work. Employees will enjoy the small changes in the break-room and will feel more appreciated.

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