Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee – 15 oz can Reviews

Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee – 15 oz can

Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee - 15 oz can

  • Good quality Vietnamese coffee
  • Unique preparation style, aroma and flavor
  • Lighter than French toast, smooth and not acidic
  • Also provide a special filter

The picture shows the coffee in a can, but we no longer offer the can. Now this coffee is packaged in sealed foil bag, and sold in a box. We love the aroma, flavor and unique preparation style of good quality Vietnamese coffee. It’s just slightly lighter than a French roast, and smooth not acidic. The premium quality coffee is grown and roasted in Vietnam, and ground to the appropriate coarseness, so you know you’re getting the real thing. It’s packaged a 15 oz can as shown. This is Trung Nguyen GOURMET BLEND, distinguished by being a blend of four different bean types and a small touch of cocoa, and “spices”, as listed on the ingredients. It is Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, otherwise known as Chari, and Catimor.
We also offer the Vietnamese Coffee filter to make this delicious coffee.

List Price: $ 8.55

Price: $ 12.99