Types of Coffee Maker

When you plan on purchasing a new coffeemaker, know beforehand what exactly you want from it.

The most common and hassle-free type of coffeemaker is the automatic drip. To use it, you simply pour water in either the back or side, place a filter, fill it with coffee, push start, then you’re good to go. Its convenience is most certainly what people are raving about. It can yield single serving but it can also deliver to a bulk of people at a time. It’s just so easy to use that the only thing you need to worry about is the type of coffee beans you’ll be using.

Manual drip comes in second as the most used type of coffee maker. It is by some means similar to the automatic drip, only, you have to heat up and put in the water yourself manually, thus the name. You have to pour it into the holder where the coffee filter that contains coffee is situated. It drains into the pot and yet again, you’re good to go. This can come in handy to people who love the outdoors as it is extremely portable and you can heat the water practically any way you wish to.

Another type is the pod coffeemaker. Unlike a drip filter, it forces water throughout a pre-packed pod of coffee grounds. It can also draw out single servings of coffee at a time or brew coffee in bulk.

Grind and brew coffeemakers have gained more popularity lately. They aren’t called ‘grind and brew’ for no reason. They grind the coffee beans and then process them into the liquid coffee with the help of automated drip system.

For people who have a taste for finer things in life, espresso and cappuccino machines are a darling. Unlike the preceding typed of coffeemaker, this type is way pricier and it takes practice in order for you to work with them efficiently.

However, if you’re the type who want to stick to the good old percolators, vacuum brewers, and French presses, among many other conventional types, they are still available in the market.

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