What brand of coffee is the best?

Frank Asked: What brand of coffee is the best?

No Kopi Luwak jokes. Out of the major coffee brands of pre-ground coffee which is the best in regard to flavor.


Abhinandan Shaw Answered:
Cappeccino and Nescafe. Both are my favourites and have good flavours and taste.

Tom Answered:
My favorite brand is Intelligentsia

Robbie Answered:
illy – all day long

Fahr Quad Answered:
Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica is by far the best coffee I have ever had, but hard to get in the US.Folgers is OK, but Chock full of Nuts is better.

Bulldog15 Answered:

Red Diamond but I’m from the south.

Keith Answered:

For a cheap coffee, Eight O’ Clock brand it not bad. The Dunkin’ Donuts brand is not too shabby. however, I would recommend trying them all. Experiment with different types of roast as well. It is all a preference.

Momma Cyn Answered:

What you need to do is try several types of coffee.I can’t stand dark roasted – always tastes as if they burnt the coffee beans (and I really hate Starbucks – shudder). I’m not great fan of Green Mountain (U.S.) either.

In the Pittsburgh area (PA), folks were offered different coffees and the winner was 8 O’Clock.I also like some flavored coffee from Folgers.But everybody’s taste is different, so buy some of the small sample size coffees and have fun testing them! (Oh, and BTW, I also avoid most of the coffees listed below.They are just not what I enjoy.

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