What is a good espresso or coffee machine to buy?

Question by dkeel76: What is a good espresso or coffee machine to buy?
I like Cafe Bustelo and other Latin coffees, and I also tend to like heartier European coffees. I need something that can make good coffee, even if i only want one cup at a time (I live alone). And I’d prefer to spend less than a couple hundred dollars.

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Answer by jeffp

You can absolutely get a quality espresso or coffee machine for under $ 200. It will be a little harder to find a good espresso machine for that price, but you can pick one up on eBay at about 1/2 of the going retail price.

Here are a few machines I would recommend in your price range:

Braun Tassimo
Brews single cups of espresso, coffee, and tea. Very well reviewed and an amazing value in an espresso/coffee machine. Can be purchased (new and used) on eBay for around $ 100.

Gaggia Evolution
Great espresso machine for the money and brews fantastic espresso. Gaggia has a well-deserved reputation as a great entry level machine. Can be purchased new for $ 300 or on eBay for around $ 180.

Hope that helps…check out the site below to find great deals on the above machines and many other espresso machines!

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