What is Gourmet Coffee?

Article by Chris Brown

For people who savor the taste and the richness of coffee, then there is more to their experience than just a morning wake-up call. To these people, drinking coffee is about the flavor, the scent, and the warmth. Often, these people will be the owners of specialty coffee makers and coffee grinders, and generally, they will drink gourmet coffee.

As you may suspect, the cost of this specialty coffee can be quite a bit higher than the standard grounds or beans, however, many people feel that the cost is far outweighed by the taste and the experience of drinking it. Others may wonder just why it costs more.

Why is gourmet coffee so special? It begins with how the beans are grown. Coffee beans are grown on large plantations in various parts of the world. The soil types, the amount of sun or rain, and the types of coffee planted will all have a great effect on the taste of the end product.

Many coffee growers find ways to weed out any standard coffees and to create hybrid plants that provide rich, flavored options. Since these types of coffee beans are less prolific and harder to grow, they are considered gourmet.

While there are many flavors of gourmet coffee, there are certain kinds that are most popular. You may have tried a few flavors before, and most likely, you have seen these favorite options.

Many people enjoy French Vanilla gourmet coffees because they are much softer on the palate than the bitterness of standard coffee. French Vanilla coffee combines the taste of the coffee beans with a creamy vanilla flavor. This choice is a favorite among many coffee drinkers who enjoy something rich and not as strong.

People who prefer something stronger may choose Hazelnut because these coffees include a strong bite, even more than regular black coffee. Hazelnut coffees are dark, rich and very strong. Many choices of gourmet coffee combine the Hazelnut with other flavors like chocolate or vanilla. If you enjoy a bit of a fruity taste, you may enjoy options, which include raspberry or blueberry. These choices provide a mix of the richness of coffee along with a bit of sweet from the fruit.

Gourmet coffee is pricier than standard coffee, but it provides a flavor and a taste experience that you will not find elsewhere. There are many gourmet choices, and coffee enthusiasts could most likely name three or four that they favor above all the others. Once you begin to enjoy the coffee, you will be able to find the best choices for you.

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