What is the best coffee maker?

Michal Khalid Asked: What is the best coffee maker?

I want to buy one. Which brand or brands you prefer or suggest? Thanks.


chocolahoma Answered:
A keurig machine makes a nice single cup of coffee, but the little pre-measured coffee pods are very expensive.

A press-style maker is fun to use.You simply put coffee grounds at the bottom, pour in hot water and use the plunger thing to press the grounds to the bottom before pouring your drink.If you don’t serve all at once, though, the remaining coffee at the bottom can get quite strong.

All kinds of drip coffee makers are cheap and available everywhere and make a reliable drink.

An espresso machine is expensive, but is essential if you want Starbucks-style mochas and cappuccinos.

fyerfyter2001 Answered:
Get a press pot, aka French press. Makes the best flavored coffee and is just as quick overall as using any other maker.Buy your beans whole and grind them just prior to making the coffee.

You’ll never go back to any other method. The only thing that can compare for flavor extraction is espresso.

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