What is the BEST coffee?

FredA Asked: What is the BEST coffee?

It's for Father's Day. I can't think of anything else to get him. Since he likes coffee, I want to give him the chance to taste the BEST coffee out there. I personally hate coffee. What is the best coffee out there? I don't care about the price. It cannot be more than $100.


trolllololololol Answered:
The coffee you make will always be the best.

snorkle Answered:
Weaver Coffer, made by John Weaver, he used to be the master for peets

Ginny Jin Answered:
For that money I would buy him a coffee machine or if he likes frothy coffees an electric whisk – those do work x And a nice personalised coffee mug. You can even get them with photos on.

Stephen More Answered:
Pure Hawaiian Kona or Puerto Rico Alto Grande!

Some people also like Jamaican Blue Mountain, but I don't prefer it!

kazandrew2 Answered:
If he has the fancy coffee type coffee maker go to a coffee speciality cafe & get an assortment of coffee.For every day use try Safeway's Edwards Brand (blue can).We are always being told we make the best coffee using a standard household a drip maker.

Kevin Kachula Answered:
Express coffee is the best .

Rick Astlen Answered:
It doesn't matter what brand of coffee you get. The best will always be beans that you get fresh and roast yourself. Pretty much any prepackaged stuff will be 2-3 weeks old and stale by the time you get it. The best coffee is freshly roasted and ground at home. Good coffee has a smoky taste to it just so you know. That taste deteriorates over time. The fresher the beans, the better the coffee.

spin and marty Answered:
Try something exotic like Doi Chaang Wild Civet (Kopi Luwak) Coffee. Bet he's never tried that one.

KRA Answered:
It's a lil odd that she kissed you on the cheek then didn't commit to a date. But to clear ALL misunderstandings and get it all out and in the open … especially to put an end to all the uncertainties that you have about her..

Just tell her. Any answer is better than none or a regret right?

The White King Answered:
i don't think so

Jerry Ferera Answered:
me too

Jesica Jain Answered:
mix milk with it and some gatorade too lol
PS: try at your own risk.

Peace4all Answered:
Add Vodka to the mix & i'll join ya

Devils Spawn Answered:
I stick with coffee.
I tried a sip of Redbull. Fresh coffee tastes much better. Stale eight hour old coffee out of a thermos does, too.

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