What is the best quality coffee/espresso machine?

Question by Katy: What is the best quality coffee/espresso machine?
I want to buy my parents a coffee/espresso combo machine for their anniversary but I don’t know which ones will last and work well. Links would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by TX2step
I LOVE my DeLonghi Magnifica 3300, and it’s usually one of the very highest rated too ….. It has a bean reservoir, and grinds fresh for each cup(s); a water reservoir, so you just push a button to brew; a ground dispenser reservoir (so you don’t have to empty grinds all the time); a frother; you can select strength or how large the cup(s) is …….. You can get them at Bed, Bath & Beyond … or Linen & Things, and probably Williams Sonoma or Crate & Barrel. You can also find them NEW in the box, on eBay. Expect to pay at least $ 700; and I think the MSRP is closer to $ 1300+

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