What makes a good coffee house?

jonah Asked: Question for The Coffee Drinker?

The franchised Coffee house like Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Peets etc.
The neighborhood Coffee house.

Q:What type do you like and why? What makes a good coffee house for you?


Peter Answered:
well if i go to a coffee house i expect that after a week the counter people know my order and fill it as i wait in line…

amyhaha Answered:
I’ve come to realize there are two types of coffee-shop aficionados; the artsy type that likes live music, unique local art and a “cool” hangout, and the kind that just likes to go somewhere quiet for a little while. I’m definitely in the second category, and the national chains seem to really fit that bill better.

I don’t mind local shops though, there are actually a few in my area I like a lot. But I’ve noticed that local coffee houses that don’t support the local art “scene” don’t last long. Regardless though, the best coffee shops are the ones with friendly employees, a sustainable mentality, comfy couches, and plenty of outlets (for guitar amps or laptops, whichever you prefer 🙂

DDMQ Answered:
I prefer local cafes, really.

Starbucks and other coffee corporations are for the pretentious and annoying, I’d like to drink my coffee without having to hear about how horrible the government is or why religious people are idiots.

I prefer plain old coffee with some sugar and a little bit of milk in it. And the ideal environment would for me would be a medium colored area with many windows and perhaps a fireplace. And OLD jazz playing in the background.

fogsurfer313 Answered:
Local neighborhood coffee shop.

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