Which Coffee Grinder Is Your Choice?

We swear by coffee, so it’s no surprise that a lot of us want to have their own coffee grinders. They help keep the awesome flavor and the rich aroma of the beans while grinding.

When buying your coffee grinder, the first thing thing you have to take into account is which type you will avail of. Coffee grinder has two types: burr grinders and blade grinders. Their main difference lies in the type of blade they make use of in grinding beans.

The Burr type of coffee grinder doesn’t chop up the coffee beans. Rather, it crushes them between a surface and grinding wheel. It utilizes a grinding process which makes less heat, thus giving more aroma and flavor. When making use of the burr type, you can work with different setting for regulating the ground size (coarse or fine) and repositioning. This kind is more efficient in giving consistent grinds as compared to blade grinders.

Blade grinders are practically the least expensive grinders. It makes use of a metal blade in cutting up the coffee beans. It requires close attention on the length of time it should run. The grounds that you produce may not be very consistent or uniformly refined.

This may produce a low-quality brew. More to these, the heat from the constant friction of the blades while running has massive impacts on the final brew. Overheating can have a huge negative impact on the quality. Coffee aficionados will know the difference, and they won’t be crazy about it. That being said, it’s not the best type for coffee or espresso drinks. It’s only best for drip coffee or for using at home.

If you have made your decision about which type you will go for, take into consideration the setting of the grinder. Go for one that has a lot of settings for flexibility. Such settings cam be adjusted to different positions, and they let you produce grounds that could range from fine to coarse.

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