Which coffee maker makes the best tasting coffee?

flyfisher Asked: Which coffee maker makes the best tasting coffee?

My sister needs a new coffee maker, and I’m trying to help her find a good one. She wants it to make great tasting coffee. It should make 10-12 cups, she does like the single cup feature (but that’s not necessary). Another feature she likes is the ability to slow down the drip in order to save on coffee (like the old Krups ones did). Finally, she wants one with an insulated carafe. Thanks in advance for your input!!


Mr Turtle Answered:
The coffee maker with the freshest and best quality coffee in it.

Bon Bon Answered:

Ruth P Answered:
The Nestle Coffee Maker is good, you can have diffirent types of coffee, you can buy diffirent types of pods in a pack.

Madusa Answered:
I agree with Mr. Turtle!

Combat Veteran Answered:
Any good percolator will do. All the drip machines suck.

D Answered:
i think the nestle coffee maker too

Norma Answered:
No coffee maker makes the best coffee. It’s the coffee beans that makes the best coffee. You can buy a Krups at $549 or a Black and Decker at $19.99. The result is the same. The coffee pot heats water and pumps it into the ground coffee beans resting in the filter. If you have the guts, the best coffee is called Lone Ranger coffee. You boil water in a pot on the stove or a campfire and then add ground coffee to the water. Strain it into a cup. Now you are in control of the taste of your coffee. You can use ground coffee beans from any grower. Coffee is made to drink fresh and not out of an insulated carafe.

Kira Hill Answered:
Dolce Gusto. You can get so many flavours and types of coffee, hot chocolates and all that jazz. If you add enough water to the back it should just about give you around 5 cups which I know isn’t that much but trust me, it’s sure worth it!

Kevin Anthony Answered:
If your on budget a $50 dollar Mr. Coffee and Dunkin Donuts coffee is really good.

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