Why I Love Coffee Forever

There are days when I just feel blah and all I want to do is just sleep in, but I don’t since it makes my day blah-er. Since that weighs me down even more, I try to just stay in my room and watch trash TV. However, while doing so, I want to be awake at all times. More often than not, laying or just sitting in bed makes me drowsy. Why I want to stay awake in bed, you may ask. For starters, these ‘blah days’ almost always occur during daytime, and I am almost always not able to sleep at night whenever I sleep all day.

Anyways, I have noticed I have been beating around the bush, what I wanted to tell since the first paragraph is about how I love coffee. It’s always my silver lining during days that could do better. I drink my coffee, and my mood is instantly lifted. It’s my favorite pick-me-upper.

I have always loved coffee. As a child, whenever I eat rice, I always ask my nanny to make me a cup of black coffee with some sugar and pour it in my bowl of rice. Of course, I would also ask her not tell my mom about it, since my mom always calls me out on drinking coffee at such a tender age. I guess she didn’t like the extra energy I had everytime I had coffee.

Coffee has helped me get through one of the hardest times in my life, college. You know what comes along with college, all the homework, paperwork, thesis, stuff like that. Sleep was not my best friend during that time, coffee is. There were times when I wanted to just give in to my drowsiness and just put myself in deep slumber, not minding all the C’s I would get if I do so. But when I had a cup of joe in hand, the temptation was always ignored. Yay, coffee.

Yes, even up to this very day, I’m still in love with coffee. You can imagine me sipping from my cup in between typing, sure. I can’t imagine life without it. I swear by it. I love it. I will always and forever love coffee. How about you? Are you as in love with coffee as I am?