Bliss In A Cup Of Gourmet Coffee

One of the upsides in loving gourmet coffee is the chance to scream to the whole world how deep I am in love with the brown bean. Coffee is an undeniable ritual to a lot of people. When coffee lovers get up in the morning, they think about having their first cup and all the delights that come with prepping it. The sound of the beans hitting the grinder, the aroma as it begins, the delicate scoop of the coffee grounds into the basket — coffee lovers find their own source of Zen.

Can a drink bring bliss? A lot of readers might raise their eyebrows. They might think that it has become so commonplace for it to end up in bliss, gourmet or not.

However, I beg to disagree. Gourmet coffee has something to do with our self-pleasure, it’s our simple form of indulgence, and much attention and care are given. It makes life worth living, at least to me.

Just take this into consideration. A lot of the people who are spiritual claim that when you experience nature, you get closer to the Creator. Coffee, basically, is among the most natural drinks available to mankind. Put in some fresh milk from the cow, and right then and there, you are having a cup of nature’s bliss. To sum it all up, you can absolutely find heaving in a cup of Joe.

Every time I have my cup of coffee, I find bliss. My mid-afternoon coffee run gives me sustenance and strength. I find solace in my post-dinner or late night decaf cup. Yes, I am a true blue coffee lover.

It’s something that no one or nothing can take away from me. If you have your own brand of happiness, I have mine. I have found it in coffee, and every waking day, I will find it in coffee.