Coffee Accessories

For the coffee lovers to enjoy their cups of Joe, coffee-making essentials are needed. Every coffee accessory plays a unique part along the process. What are those, you may ask. Read on.

Coffee filters are one of the essential because with it, the fullest flavor of the coffee is yielded by catching the grinds. The most commonly used kind is the paper filter which comes in different sizes, shapes, and grade. The grade of the filter can greatly affect the coffee taste. These paper filters are generally cheap and disposable. On the other hand, there is a permanent filter which is made of stainless steel. Gold coffee filters are a darling to many coffee aficionados while hemp coffee filters are the eco-friendly type.

Coffee grinders are used, well, for grinding the coffee beans into fine, medium, or coarse grounds, it all depends on your personal preferences. Always remember though that whole coffee beans hold their flavor much longer than pre-ground ones. The first type of grinder is the blade grinder, which has rotating metal blades. This type of grinder is the cheaper one as compared to the other type which is the burr coffee grinder. The burr grinders use grinder wheel and has two kinds, the flat blade and conical.

Measuring is also crucial in making coffee, and coffee scoops are used in this process. They are made of plastic, wood, copper, or stainless steel. They come is different shapes, some are round while others are cone-shaped.

It is the important and the coffee scoop is used to measure your coffee. The Coffee scoops are made of wood, plastic, copper or stainless steel. They are available in measurements of one or two tablespoons. Some are rounded, where others are cone shaped.

Additionally, you should have your own coffee roaster. Through this, you can cut back on cots and you are also able to have control over the quality and roasting of the coffee.

Storage can also affect the quality and taste of your coffee beans. Plastic and metal containers just won’t do it, so it’s best you have airtight ceramic canisters that can also block the light. It should have a rubber seal around the lid which makes it vacuum.

And last but not least, the coffee mugs or cups you will be pouring your coffee in! There, now you have the complete essentials in making your own cup of coffee.

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