Coffee on the Go

Article by Justin Smith

Whether at the office, out shopping or just snowed under work at home, there is no quicker pick me up than having a cup of coffee. The office coffee machine is the place where many of us find ourselves gravitating when creative thoughts seem to be drying up. The shot to the system administered by caffeine has benefits other than the ones usually spoken of.

Nowadays people work and play hard which gives their biological system little scope for having its defense mechanism in place. Carcinogens have a field day when operating on such a weakened system. However, there are research findings which are indicating that having coffee regularly may actually prove anti-carcinogenic. So next time you find yourself hovering around the office coffee machine don’t feel guilty. Tell yourself that you are not simply fighting tiredness, but are probably helping your body to fight cancer.

The office manager who needs to ensure that the personnel have one excuse less to leave the premises setting up an office coffee machine is a must. However, for the smaller organizations, working on a tight budget, acquiring used coffee machines make greater sense. Many of the used coffee machines on offer are actually in pretty good condition. Just make sure that you take a look at it physically and try it out to check functionality before closing the deal. Also check to see whether it is still in the warranty period.

Not just offices, but also the smaller shops which plan to set up a coffee machine can initially invest in used coffee machines instead of buying a brand new off the shelf model. Whether or not the shop owner is planning to diversify into the vending business, having a coffee on the premises makes sound sense. Customers can browse the products on offer and take their time to decide on what they want while sipping a cup of coffee. Whether the shop offers the coffee as a premium or as just another of their products depends on the marketing savvy and marketing strategy of the shop owner. Such a decision would naturally be moderated by the fact whether or not the shop sells premium/ very expensive products or moderately priced products.


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