Coffee – The World’s Most Favorite Drink

Coffee is one of the world’s most favorite drinks, no further introduction needed. Whether you can’t do without coffee in your morning grind or it’s your picker-upper, drinking your cup of Joe is just an enjoyable experience.

For a lot of coffee junkies, coffee is more than just a drink. It can actually be a medium for socialization. You can go on a coffee date with your special someone or with your friends. It’s even always present in business meetings across the globe. When we have our daily fix, it’s not everyday we get to think of its rich history.

The coffee plant was said to be first discovered in Ethiopia in the 11th century. The plant itself supposedly has medicinal content. It was initially boiled in hot water and then used to treat some illnesses. And then it started to grow on people, they started loving the taste.

It then spread throughout Yemen. Yemen was a perfect location to harvest coffee and it continues to be one of the most famous places to grow coffee these days. As the drink became more and more popular, it started to spread around the world. By the end of the 1600’s, it was all over France and London, and it became a great alternative for tea. After which, coffee houses started opening up all over the world.

Honored traditions in terms of coffee drinking are still around up until these days, albeit differently. Every culture has an impact on how we enjoy coffee today.

America is to be thanked for Americanos, Colombia is known for their rich, smooth and dark coffee grounds, Espresso traces its roots back to Turkish coffee, and flavored lattes are a more modern treat. Coffee always changes but when you enjoy it, remember that it echoes the well-loved traditions of global coffee culture.