Espressione 1329 Cafe Roma Deluxe Espresso Machine

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Make cafe-quality coffee drinks from the comfort of home with this easy-to-use espresso machine. The unit features a built-in grinder for producing coarse to espresso-fine grinds from whole coffee beans, plus its brass filter holder works with ground coffee. To ensure a professional brew, the appliance comes equipped with a boiler-temperature thermometer, a 15-bar boiler system pump, a coffee tamper, and an anti-drip valve with a self primer. The unit’s powerful Maxi Cappuccino milk-frothing device helps produce perfect cappuccinos and lattes, and its hot-water function allows for quickly making instant soup, tea, or hot cocoa. Thoughtfully designed, the machine offers helpful indicator lights, a high-pressure safety valve, adjustable automatic shut-off, and a large 5-cup removable water tank with a visible water level for convenient filling. Other highlights include simple push-button controls, an interchangeable single or double dispenser, a cup warmer, and a removable drip tray for easy cleanup. The 1150-watt espresso machine measures 13 by 14 by 14-1/2 inches.

Review from an customer

It was easy to set up and get going. I love the bean grinder. The doser is great too. You just have to keep and eye on it, it’s small. It makes great espresso the first time. It has a disc to help with that. You can remove it and tamp hard the old fashion way. For the price range it’s a good buy. I have 3 different types of coffee makers now. This is my favorite. I use it to make American’s each morning instead of brewing a pot in the conventional machine.

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