Features of the Best Coffee Machine

One of the great things to wake up each morning is the smell of wonderful coffee brewing. For those who love coffee and have to start the day right by having a cup, you need to get your own coffee machine.

Shopping for a coffee machine should not be overwhelming despite the fact that there are literally hundreds different kinds and brands in the market. Before anything else, you need to specify your coffee “needs”. Are you looking for a machine that brews several cups of coffee? Are you looking for one that can make multiple brews like a latte, espresso, cappuccino or just one type of coffee? How much are you willing to spend?

Remember, all manufacturers would claim their machine is the best. But the only way you can truly say you got the best is to look for these important features in the best coffee machine.

Get a machine that has a pause and serve feature. Because of the lowered valve that closes once you take out the coffee pot, you can always sneak a cup or two even before the coffee finishes brewing. There is no mess in the heating plate too!

Pod compatible. Pods are pre-packed discs of coffee ground used in making coffee. Using this type is less messy compared to using coffee grounds. Get a coffee maker that is pod compatible in case you want to try making a cup using pods.

Choose a machine that has an automatic shut off. This is best for the forgetful types like me or you can choose to buy the thermal carafe coffee maker which automatically shuts down once it is done brewing.
There are coffee machines that let you decide how strong or mild you want your coffee to be.

Get a coffee maker that comes with a permanent filter. This is mostly made of fine mesh plastic or metal which can save you a lot compared to the paper filters. These are environmental friendly too!

You should get a coffee maker that has an automatic self cleaning feature. Most coffee drinker would clean up their machines with vinegar o takeout the residues, with this self cleaning feature; it can certainly save you a lot of work. You can also be sure to get fresh brewed coffee every day.

Braun, Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, Krups are just some of the brands of coffee maker. You can easily choose one by reading its features, reviews and feedbacks from consumers in the web. It will help you decide what is the best coffee machine in the market today.

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