Gourmet Coffee Cake Recipe : Making Glaze for a Gourmet Coffee Cake Recipe

Are you fond of baking? Did you ever try making a glaze? Do you know how? Are you ready to learn through a series of steps to be given to you?

In this video that you are about to see, our expert, Pamela Bowman, a graduate of the LAMC school of Culinary arts, will teach you how to make a glaze for a gourmet coffee cake recipe. The video will give you free lessons for you to bake on your own and of course to know how an expert does it.

Proper instructions will be provided in this video, all the ingredients and amount you will be using will be given to you in order. By the end of this video, you will learn how to make glaze for a gourmet coffee cake recipe.

So enjoy and watch this free baking video on gourmet desserts and recipes.