Gourmet Coffee Essentials

Any coffee drinker would not be alien to the idea of gourmet coffees. But it can’t be denied that one gets curious as to what makes coffee become a gourmet coffee. One might consider the beans, the roasting process, the grinding, flavor as well as the freshness of the beans. The answer is all that has been mentioned above.

The true thing is that all of the aforementioned characteristics are greatly considered in making these types of coffees. After all, they won’t be called gourmet coffees if they did not possess any extraordinary attributes.

First to give consideration to are the type of beans needed to make these types of coffee. As you may have heard before two types of coffee are being sold commercially out there in the market, these are Robusta and Arabica. Robusta is the main type that is used to make every day instant coffee while Arabica is mainly used for gourmet coffees. What is the difference between the two? Unlike its Robusta counterpart, the Arabica is grown only in high altitude areas that are located in tropical as well as sub-tropical places in the world. These growing conditions coupled with the soil type are able to produce quality beans that are needed to make unique flavors that are commonly associated with gourmet coffees.

Like grapes need different regions to be able to be made into wine, there are also different areas these coffee beans need to grow at for them to be made into gourmet coffees. Many countries grow the Arabica but three major areas are to be considered the most abundant. These are the:

*South and Central Americas- The coffee beans grown in this area are known for its acidity, crispness, spicy side and the much needed quality. Some of the well-known coffee are the Columbian Supremo and Costa Rican Tarrazu.

*Africa and Arabia- This coffee are able to provide a variety of flavors, mellow taste and delicate balance between acidity and body. The gourmet that are famous in these areas are the Yemen Mocha and Kenyan AA.

*Pacific- These types of beans offer rich and full-flavored gourment coffees which include the Sumatran Mandheling and Hawaiian Kona.

Also these beans are roasted in various and unique ways greatly depending on where it is grown.

Gourmet Coffee Essentials