How can i get perfect flavored coffee?

Mkenzie Vandiver Asked: How can i get perfect flavored coffee?

Every time i make coffee, i always put too much coffee grinds or too little or sometimes it gets burned. Exactly how much coffee grinds do i put n the maker n how long do i leave it on its burner?


Jessica Answered:
A spoonful per number of cups. 🙂

robyn o Answered:
I got a french press at walmart for $15.00, best coffee ever! Like Starbucks only in your kitchen!
You can use any brand coffee, I use Aldis’ Doughnut shop blend, $4.49 a pound, Yummy!

Craig B Answered:
It depends on how you’re brewing it and what your brewer’s specs are.Some brew hotter than others, which will affect how much acid is extracted from the coffee during brewing. Get scientific and try one-to-one and then two-to-one and then two-and-a-half to one, etc. until you have a cup you enjoy. then just use that same ratio every time.It may take you a day or two to compare, but it will be worth it.

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