How To Choose The Best Coffee Maker

Article by Alice Morgan

You cannot get a perfect tasting cup of coffee each day without the best coffee maker for you. Finding the right coffee maker is a matter of planning for your needs ahead of time. You need to include such preferences into your coffee maker choice as how fast you need your coffee made. You may also need to decide if you want the water and coffee heated separately or at the same time. Also, you need to know if it is important for you to have a clock-set model that will make your coffee for you at a set time each day. And, don’t forget to measure the prospective coffee maker space on your kitchen counter to see what dimensions the coffee maker can be.

For some, a percolator is a nice choice for a coffee maker. For those who love their old-fashioned coffee and are not into any specialized coffees, a stovetop percolator or an electric percolator does everything they need. If you go with the stovetop version, be sure not to over-boil your coffee. Most people go with the electric percolator because it will sense when the coffee has brewed and switch over to warm mode.

Over the last several decades, the automatic drip coffee maker has been about the most popular. This is the kind where you just throw in the coffee bag and some water in the machine. The machine does the rest.

For many people these days, a coffee maker without a clock and timer function is just not worth having. People have grown to love waking up to the smell of fresh coffee each morning. All you have to remember to do is put in ingredients within the 24 hours before your wake-up coffee. The timed coffee maker will take care of the rest.

If none of these coffee makers do it for you, you are probably either a coffee aficionado, impatient, or you like specialized coffees. For the aficionado or the impatient, there are other coffee maker options such as a plunger pot, manual drip, microwave, or vacuum coffee maker. For those who like specialized blends, there are cappuccino makers and espresso makers. Nonetheless, there will always be one coffee maker that suits your taste and needs. Take your time to find that best coffee maker. It is worth it!

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