How to make the best coffee?

Question by loulouthefirst39: How to make the best coffee?
What’s the best method? I had to discard my automatic drip, and was considering doing a Gevalia deal. Then I remembered how I like percolator coffee, and I also remember seeing a coffee press in Target (don’t know even how to use a press!), and I saw stovetop percolators online. What’s the best way to make coffee?
Automatic drip, percolator, stovetop percolator, or press?


Best answer:

Answer by mark
I like drip with my French press a close second. My wife likes Perked coffee but I find it overcooked. Keep in mind that each style of brewing benefits from a different degree of grind.

Drip is single pass with no boiling of the coffee whereas french press the coffee sits in the water and tends to release more oils (not necessarily a bad thing).

Of course a good espresso machine tops them all.

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