People Think Single Cup Coffee Makers Are Useful

The most recent and greatest advancement in the world of coffee are the single serve coffee makers. Numerous coffee drinkers basically do not have the time nor care to make a whole12-cup pot of coffee every single morning. A surprising amount of coffee drinkers live alone or are the only coffee drinker in a household. Entire pots of coffee go stale rapidly if they are not being consumed by many people. With single serve coffee makers, one cup of delightful coffee can be brewed and enjoyed at a time.

The most popular single serve coffee maker is the Keurig. The Keurig single serve coffee maker was first marketed in 1998. It has since then become the best-selling single serve coffee maker in North America. Six percent of all coffee brewed each day is now made with a Keurig coffee maker. Coffee is brewed in this coffee maker with a single use portion coffee pack called the K-Cup. One of the positive aspects of Keurig single serve coffee maker is the several flavors and varieties of the K-Cup that are obtainable. The Keurig can also brew hot tea and hot chocolate. every single cup of coffee or tea brewed with this single serve coffee maker is ready in 20-60 seconds. That is a quick cup of coffee! every cup of coffee is brewed at 192 degrees Fahrenheit, permitting an incredibly consistent cup of coffee each time one is made. Some superior models allow the brewing temperature to be adjusted. Prices differ among the many versions of the Keurig, but they average out right around $100.

A different fantastic competitor in the realm of single serve coffee makers is the Tassimo. The Tassimo not only makes coffee, but also espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, hot tea and hot chocolate. Tassimo employs the proprietary T-Disc. Each T-Disc has its own bar code which the device reads when the T-Disc is inserted. This bar code tells the machine what temperature to brew at, how swiftly to brew and how much water is necessary for that distinct beverage. The Tassimo is known by many to produce an overall stronger cup of coffee than the Keurig. Whether this is beneficial or bad is a matter of preference. The potential to make cappuccinos and lattes with the unique milk-based T-Discs is a fantastic feature that makes this single serve coffee maker two machines in one. The one detriment of this machine is its shortage of coffee choices available in the T-Disc form. There are only a number of brands of coffee and tea that develop these T-Discs, as opposed to the hundreds of coffee types offered for the Keurig. Hopefully, this will one day change.

Which of the single serve coffee makers is the ideal for you? That is a question that only you can answer. The Keurig has many various coffee varieties available, but cannot produce a latte or cappuccino. The Tassimo is sponsored by few brand names of coffee, but can produce a great tasting latte, cappuccino and creamy hot chocolate.

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