Q&A: How do you make a terrific cup of coffee?

Question by qqtip2001: How do you make a terrific cup of coffee?
I use Dunkin Donuts ground coffee and so does my brother. His coffee is consistently excellent(by the way we have identical coffee makers), while mine is not. What combination of coffee type, ground, measurement and whatever makes for an excellent cup of coffee?

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Answer by CofeeNate
Try running some vinegar through you maker a couple of times and then just plain water a few times. It could be how you are storing your coffee…the water you are using…the measurement of coffee…etc You will have to experiment a bit until you get it the way that you like it. You will get superior results with the whole bean vs. the ground. Ground coffee stays fresh for about 15-20 minutes! Try using filtered water vs. tap water, and don’t use distilled water. Two tablespoons per ‘cup’ is the typical measure of grinds vs. water.

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