Q&A: How to make a perfect cup of coffee at home?

Question by murkle: How to make a perfect cup of coffee at home?
I love drinking gourmet coffee especially when it has cinnamon in it. I was wondering how to do it myself at home though?

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Answer by raven
If you are making coffee in a press, then the secret is to make sure the water is not boiling hot. If the water is too hot then it turns the coffee bitter. Put a dash of cinnamon into the coffee grinds and mix. Always use whole beans (stored in an airtight container and well sealed for freshness) and grind as required.

You can do the same with a coffee machine but if you find the coffee is always slightly bitter then add a small dash of salt to the grinds instead of cinnamon(in the filter with your grinds) and sprinkle cinnamon on top of your coffee after you pour it. Also, put the cream into your coffee cup before you pour the coffee not after.

Hope this helps:)

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