What is the best Coffee machine?

Jim Asked: What is the best Coffee machine?


Recently my old coffee machine broke and for service it will cost about 250. So can anyone help me find a nice coffee machine that will do, preferably, more than 2 or 3 types of coffee?

Also, I’m not very into coffee machines so I want to ask…is it true that the more Bar pressure the machine has the better the coffee?


Slim Answered:
If you can afford one, get a Kuerig K-Cup machine. Makes life much more simple and a cup of coffee takes seconds and you can make hot chocolate and tea. K-Cups are reasonably priced, sometimes you can shop online and get them in wholesale so it is cheaper. The convenience factor is great!

Keltoum Answered:
I love my coffee and i have tried countless coffee makers throughout the years. The best i have found is the Nespresso machine.

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