Best Selling Coffee

Drinking coffee is a matter of taste, it is impossible to say that this brand is good and the other is bad, some people like it mild and others like it strong, some like it with an earth taste and others like it bitter. The truth is that there is no good or bad answer to which is the best coffee in the world. The top three coffee brands in the United States are chosen not because of their quality but because of their sales per year compared to others.

The top seller in the past three years is the Via Ready brew which is sold by Starbucks. The blend was introduced to the market in 2009 and made one hundred million dollars in that year alone. Today in 2011, it has more than doubled and almost tripled its sales. It is prepared in espresso machines and also in pods for people to serve themselves. The blend of coffees used is a secret which belongs to Starbucks. It is a medium roast coffee with little color and an earthy taste. It is terrific to be able to make all those specialty coffees Starbuck’s makes and sells in your home.

Second in line is the Caribou blending which is owned and sold by Green Mountain Coffees. This is also a medium roast blend with great taste and aroma. It is made by Green Mountain for home use with percolators; it is ground for espresso machines and for pods too. You will find it in Dunkin Donuts pods all over the country in the fall of 2011. If it is accepted and liked by Dunkin Donut customers it will probably become number one in the country. Caribou sales in grocery chains and independent stores produced over $120 million in 2010.

The third runner up followed by a very close behind fourth is Folgers, the fourth is Celestial Seasonings, these two are also owned and roasted by Green Mountains Coffees. They are both blended for use with espresso machines and pods; they are blended to be used in special coffee shop drinks and mixes. Both coffees are for people who enjoy a mild, soft roasted brand with little bitterness and after taste. Sales in 2010 , even with the recession almost reached the one hundred million level, the deal with Dunkin Donuts will probably send both of them over that line and beyond.

So go visit your nearest grocery store and enjoy one of the above mentioned brands of coffee. I think you will be glad you did! The other option is to visit your nearest Seattle’s Best or Dunkin Donuts for a fresh brewed cup of coffee that will certainly please your taste buds. While your at it enjoy a glazed doughnut as well.

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