Coffee and Peers in the Workplace

In 2010, there was a survey regarding coffee consumption habits of certain adults. An astounding 88% of them claimed to drink at least a cup of coffee a day. This is one the many reasons why employers must strongly take into account having coffee in the office

Employees tend to be more productive when they feel valued, respected, and when their needs are recognized. When employers provide quality coffee, they send a message that they care about the employees.

For the lovers of coffee, if they can’t get their caffeine fix in the office, they are likely to swing by local restaurants or cafe to get their fix. Long queues in this places might cause tardiness or increased time away from work.

Research has it that workplace friendships increase employee retention. The almost proverbial “water cooler conversation” may come into mind, you could think that, but toss in come coffee. Coffee vending area is where they exchange banter.

This certain survey also showed that only 8% of coffee drinkers will drink coffee alone in public. We all love to share coffee and relating to our peers. Combine them and you’re bound to see workplace smiles.

But of course, you can’t overlook the quality and flavor of the coffee used. Majority of coffee drinkers will only drink a good-tasting quality coffee, not the ones that can be considered as coffee-colored water. Coffee drinkers go for smooth and complex, not bitter or bland.

Combine them all together, a good coffee in an environment conducive for workplace friendships provides employers with a motivated workforce. The perks plus the peers will yield a happy and productive team.