National Coffee Day 2011

National Coffee Day

Albeit the fact that there are millions of coffee lovers across the globe, no one really dedicated a special day for this special and almost-considered-elixir-of-life beverage up until recently.

Have you ever heard of the National Coffee Day? It is somewhat a new celebration that falls on September 29 every year. There has been news in 2009 and 2010 that talked about National Coffee Day. It created a buzz in 2009 and has grown to be quite a celebration last year. As a matter of fact, the first citation of such occasion dated back in 2005 according to Google Hot Trends.

Some theories say that it was all started by big coffee chains as a means of promotion. I don’t know about you but I could care less, it’s interesting and fun anyway! To me, every day is National Coffee Day.

In honor of the occasion, many local and national coffee shops are giving away free and selling your cup of Joe for a cheaper price. In 2010, rumor had it that selected Dunkin’ Donuts gave away free drinks, and some regional coffee chains also gave away free drink coupons via Facebook. And yes, there’s even a Facebook event dedicated to the day!

But this year, it looks like the National Coffee Day is getting a tighter grip! More national coffee chains are picking up the idea of promoting their blends on this special day, but only while supplies last.

You can get a free medium coffee from 7 to 11 am at participating 7-Eleven stores. The said offer is applicable in both the U.S. and Canada, with exception to Quebec, even Wilson Farm c-stores are also joining.  You can drop by the closest Krispy Kreme store or drive-thru anytime today for a free 12 oz cup of their new House Blend coffee, also good in both U.S. and Canada. Thornton’s is also offering any blend of Coffee and Cappuccino from 6AM to 2pm this day for free. Klatch Coffee will also be giving away 4 specialty coffee drinks at different times in all retail locations. With Café Kili, you can print their special flyer and bring it to them from 6:30am to 9pm to get your free cup.

Dunn Bros is selling their premium Organic Kenya Muiri Estate coffee for $1 until 10am today. Toilet Paper World, on the other hand, is offering free Solo Hot Cups to the first 15 customers who order $150 worth of purchase.

Today is so special there is even a lucky draw! Bailey Creamers is giving away a Keurig® Brewing System. First place winners will get a pair of limited edition BAILEYS Coffee Creamer glass mugs.

So don’t forget to take a coffee break or two today at a minimum or even without spending a single dime!