what is some really good Coffee?

where2walk Asked: what is some really good Coffee?

ok so this girl i know her birthday is coming up and i wanna get her some coffee beans she is a coffee fanatic so can anyone tell me where to get like the premium premium coffee i don't drink coffee it makes me sick so i have no idea where to begin..Starbucks?..i want something different/rare/expensive maybe something she hasnt heard of.
my relationship w/ this girl is friends but we have been very flirtatious and i hope to date her so im trying to be smooth and get a pretty neutral gift

pls list more than 1 and details about it or a link


Chris Answered:
In national poles Dunkin Donuts coffee is tops.Drive up to the window and tell them you want a pound of coffee.Get whole bean if she has a grinder or ground if she does notl

miyazaki turmel Answered:
Well Is that what you are looking for? http://u96.info/254142/premium-coffee

Mark S Answered:
Starbucks is the best coffee you will ever have.

sally Answered:
kona coffee

XxBiebsxX Answered:
Starbucks is the language of love

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